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To help with math calculations at school or at work, you can resort to Precise Calculator, a lightweight Windows application that has arbitrary precision and gives you the possibility to determine mathematical equations using complex numbers, vectors, fractions, and matrices. It also supports logical functions used in programming, such as if..then, goto, return, and print.
Doesn't need installation
Installing this tool isn't necessary, since it's wrapped in a portable package that can be placed anywhere on the computer or stored on a thumb drive to seamlessly launch Precise Calculator on any machine and start making calculations. It has no software requirements.
Input text and edit expressions
As far as the GUI is concerned, the scientific calculator adopts a simple and plain look. It has a neatly structured main window, where you can use the keyboard to write complex equations as text.
There's also a built-in calculator with functions for sine, cosing, tangent, absolute, pi, brackets, power, fraction, and, or, logarithm, natural logarithm, and others. Units can be displayed as degrees, radians or gradians, as well as decimal, hexadecimal or binary mode.
Insert constants and measurement units
More options can be accessed from the menu bar. For example, you can explore the constants menu to insert the speed of light, gravitational force, permitivity of vacuum, atomic mass, nuclear magneton, and other values. Units can be added to the calculator too when it comes to length, area, volume, mass, energy, power, pressure, time, and speed.
Quadratic and cubic equations are supported, along with divisors and prime numbers. Furthermore, you can calculate plane (e.g. circle, square, rectangle), solid (e.g. cuboid, triangular prism, cylinder, cone) and statistics (standard deviation, standard deviation with frequency list, correlation, t-test).
Save macros and settings
It's also possible to save macros and settings to file to open them later and pick up where you left off. The colors can be customized.
The program has help documentation but, unfortunately, it failed in its attempt to download it in our tests and display the syntax, operator precedence, function reference, computation time, and examples.
Multifunctional calculator for scientific operations
All things considered, Precise Calculator may not has a particularly appealing interface, but it comes packed with a wide range of advanced operators and functions to perform all kinds of calculations.



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Precise Calculator is a powerful mathematical calculator, a scientific calculator, and a programming language calculator, with arbitrary precision and many features to perform math calculations.
Precise Calculator has features to calculate mathematical equations including complex numbers, vectors, fractions, matrices, and logical functions used in programming.

Precise Calculator is a powerful mathematical calculator, a scientific calculator, and a programming language calculator, with arbitrary precision and many features to perform math calculations.
Precise Calculator has features to calculate mathematical equations including complex numbers, vectors, fractions, matrices, and logical functions used in programming.
• Complex numbers, vectors, fractions
• Arithmetic functions including +, -, *, /, -, ˆ
• Logical functions including if..then, goto, return, and print.
• Matrices including transpose, inverse, determinant, and eigenvalues
• Built-in and user-defined constants
• Trigonometry functions including sin, cos, tangent, absolute, arctan, cos, sin, tan, asin, acos, sec, cosec, acsc, sech, cosech, csc, cosech, csch
• Calculation of trigonometric, trigonometric inverse, arctan, arctan inverse, ln
• Physical properties such as density, resistivity, electricity, magnetization, permeability, stress, temperature
• Strings
• Statistics including mean, standard deviation, frequency, histogram, t-test, bootstrap
• Matrices and vectors for 3D objects (3D and contour plots)
• Several document formats including plain, html, html rtf, and a cross-platform rtf viewer.
• Macros (Save macros and settings)
• Fast calculations with hardware acceleration
• Alphanumeric characters
• Real numbers with decimal and hexadecimal numbers
• Functions from the Microsoft Visual C++ library including sqrt, sinh, sin, cosh, tanh, csch, coth, asinh, acosh, atanh, acsch, atan
• Scientific and engineering notation including E, G, K, M, and PI
• Expression history for undo/redo
• Built-in and user-defined functions
• Several input methods including Edit and type, Paste and type, Edit and save
• Uniform operations for strings
• One-touch calculations
• Several visual modes

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The first step is to draw the equation in text. Press ENTER and your equation will be evaluated using the built-in calculator.

Saving a Macro:
To save the current expression, you can use the SHIFT+CTRL+ENTER shortcuts. Your settings will be stored in the program’s options directory, where you can access them any time you want.

Stop macro evaluation:
If you want to stop evaluating the macro, you can press CTRL+D.

Open the Save/Load Macro dialog:
If you want to save the macro in its entirety, you can open the Save Macro dialog by selecting the Edit -> Save Macro menu item. It will be saved in the directory specified as the current folder.

Edit macro:
By opening the file, you can edit the macro’s code and perform a build or reload to execute it.

Go to the definition of the macro:
The Macros dialog (Edit -> Macros) shows all the macros defined in the program.

Get the definition:
The search dialog (Edit -> Search) can be used to open the definition of a macro directly.

Use the Macro Editor:
The Macro Editor is the simplest way to edit macros. The Macro Editor is an optional feature that you can use by selecting Tools -> Macro Editor.

First, define the macro by drawing the expression in the Editor window.

Select the macro that you want to evaluate:
In the Macro list, you can see the macros that you’ve already defined.

Select the Evaluate… button to run the macro and evaluate it.

Step by step:
If you want to edit the macro in more details, select Edit -> Edit macro step by step. The expression is shown in the current tab.

Step by step:
After editing the macro step by step, you can execute the macro again to see the difference.

The program will run the macro in the order you’ve defined it. You can’t edit the order of the steps or add more steps at the end of the macro.

Evaluate Macro:
If you want to evaluate the macro after making changes, you can use the Evaluate macro button.

– Opening macros from files can be done by selecting Tools -> Open macro file.
– Macros can be added by selecting Tools -> New macro.
– To see a list of macros defined, you can use the Macros dialog (

Precise Calculator Crack+ Free

Calculate, solve, and plot equations
Do all kind of calculations with arbitrary precision and control over precision and format. Store and play back results and plots.
For the Windows 32-bit version:.NET framework, wxWidgets 2.8.12 or later, up to the latest version, according to wxWidgets website.
For the Windows 64-bit version:.NET framework, up to the latest version, according to wxWidgets website.
Download the latest version of Precise Calculator and extract the archived file.
Launch the executable and follow the onscreen instructions to install it.
For the Windows 32-bit version: Use Program Files (x86)\Precise Calculator, or Program Files (x86)\Precise Calculator\libx64 for the latest 64-bit version.
For the Windows 64-bit version: Use Program Files (x86)\Precise Calculator\libx64 for the latest 64-bit version.
To use Precise Calculator, open the main window and add some expressions.
To edit a specific expression, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the expression you want to modify.
To print the result, press the Enter key.
To export the result to a file, save the expression to file.
Plenty of functions, operators and precision options
Calculates, solves, plots all kind of equations with arbitrary precision and control over precision and format.
For the Windows 32-bit version: The Windows calculator, by default, is the one installed on the computer.
For the Windows 64-bit version: In order to use the 64-bit version, you should uninstall the 32-bit version.
After updates, Precise Calculator will be re-installed.
Registry keys:
There are no registry keys installed.

The full version of Precise Calculator requires the.NET framework 3.5 or later.
The trial version of Precise Calculator doesn’t require.NET framework.

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What’s New in the Precise Calculator?

Precise Calculator is an arbitrary precision calculator based on Newton's arithmetic algorithm and complete with all modern mathematical functions and all major scientific constants.
This is a portable application that can be used in any Windows platform, anywhere without any installation. For example, it can be used in the Windows Calculator, at school, or even on a floppy disk or USB stick. All functions can be activated using a click on the corresponding button.
Precise Calculator has 2 main windows:
– Arithmetic window. Each time you perform a calculation, a new calculation field will be opened in the arithmetic window.
– Function window. All the mathematical functions are organized into 3 categories:
– Basic: This category has the +, -, *, /, and ^ operators
– Natural: This category has the e^, sin, tan, cos, cot, and csc functions
– Trigonometric: This category has the tanh, sinh, cosh, and csch functions
Precise Calculator has a built-in help function that shows all functions available and their detailed descriptions. It also supports input of complex numbers, vectors, fractions, and matrices, and it will calculate equations using rational functions, double values, real values, and complex values.
Precise Calculator has a table with the basic constants that can be inserted in the program to obtain their values. You can access any constant from the menu bar (by pressing the 'c' button) and the constants list.
You can also have constant values included in the arithmetic expressions to obtain their values in the results window.
Precise Calculator also offers an auto-transformation feature to turn the text in equations into automatically generated code.
For instance, you can do these calculations:
2 * 1 + 3 * x = 5 x = 1 << 1 >> 2 2 x = 2
4 * 1 * x = 8 x = 2.5
3 * 1 * x = 9 x = 0.5
4 * 1 + 4 * x = 4 x = 1.5
-2 + 7 * x = 9 x = 0.5

What is the download size of Precise Calculator?

The minimum download size that Precise Calculator can be installed on your computer is 2.20 MB.Q:

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