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Based on the computer-aided design program Illustrator, AutoCAD is capable of creating 2D drawings, section views, detail views, and more.


Autodesk Inc., started in 1982 by Steve Jobs and John Warnock, was the first commercial supplier of integrated computer-aided drafting (CAD) software. AutoCAD was released on December 2, 1982. In the early 1980s, both Apple Computer and Microsoft were building computer-aided design (CAD) programs.

AutoCAD’s popularity rose when affordable personal computers became available, which were not powerful enough to run the program. In the early 1990s, CAD programs were expensive and power-intensive, and were generally restricted to large-volume production environments. But by the late 1990s, software costs dropped, and CAD was more accessible to the general public.

In 1981, Jobs was considering starting a new company after he left Apple Computer. He talked to a number of software developers, including Jeff Raskin of Macplot, former Apple vice-president of software development, who said that the Macintosh might be suitable for CAD programs. Warnock, then at Stanford University, said that he had long wanted a computer that was a combination of a word processor and a CAD program. He had been working on a CAD program for the IBM PC.

Warnock spent time on the road visiting with university researchers, and in the summer of 1982, he and Jobs spent time at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where a professor had developed a version of a CAD program for the IBM PC. But it took longer to complete the program than expected. In 1981, Warnock had started his own company, Acorn Computers, with a loan of $6,000 from Jobs. The two of them recruited Steve Jobs, who had just left Apple, as Acorn’s president. Jobs raised more money from a number of other sources, including William H. Dutton, an investor from Dallas, Texas, where Warnock was from. In 1982, Warnock hired a group of programmers to create the original version of the software, which they called RADAR.

Jobs incorporated the company as Autodesk in February 1982. Steve Jobs was the first investor and the co-founder. Warnock was the other founding member. The two men started working on a simpler version of RADAR for the Apple II. They recruited David Crane, a programmer from Cambridge,

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Third-party add-on applications
There are a large number of add-on applications available from Autodesk Exchange Apps. Add-on applications are created by AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT users to provide CAD tools, functionality, and useful applications. The latest directory of these applications is accessible at Autodesk Exchange.

Third-party technical support programs
Autodesk Technical Support offers in-house and professional technical support. This is an important part of Autodesk’s business model, as the Company markets a range of products designed to be used with third-party software.

Autodesk Insight is a cloud-based, interactive CAD software support tool. Autodesk’s free, monthly subscription provides access to its user community.

The Autodesk Consulting Partner Network is an information technology services network designed to serve as a conduit for Autodesk products and services to the consultants and consulting partners. Members benefit from reduced licensing and support costs, access to key product information, and a variety of consulting services.

Since 2013, Autodesk Licensing Support is a service provided by Autodesk that provides additional support and training for customers of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and Inventor. The service includes the ability to: upload and download native CAD files; sign up for online help and training from Autodesk Training; access support content from Autodesk Support; and sign up for Autodesk products.

Autodesk Academy is an online learning tool with a variety of courses and interactive learning materials for AutoCAD and other products.

Autodesk acquired DreamCatcher (a marketing automation and data-driven sales and marketing platform) in 2014. The DreamCatcher team continues to be an important part of Autodesk’s marketing efforts.

Market analysts note that Autodesk has worked to improve its ability to compete in the market for custom software development. According to a report published by the research firm ABI Research in 2014, Autodesk had a market share of 14.2% among CAD application software.

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AutoCAD 2019 23.0 Crack +

Run the installer to launch a setup wizard. Select Install and activate.

Close the installer.
You may see a message about a pending update to the AutoCAD installation.

NOTE: If you already have AutoCAD installed, you must uninstall it before running the installer.

Extract the contents of the.zip file to your desktop. Do not unzip it.
Delete the original file.
The installer will create a desktop icon to launch the installer.
Double-click the icon to start the installer.

NOTE: The installer will only launch if it can successfully start the.adrt file.

Start the Autodesk Autocad setup program.

The Autodesk Autocad Setup Program window will launch.
Follow the steps in the window to complete the setup process.

NOTE: If you are prompted to reboot the computer, do so now.

IMPORTANT: After you complete the setup process, your Autodesk Autocad license will be active.

IMPORTANT: Uninstall the Autodesk Autocad Setup Program.


Before you use Autodesk Autocad:

Make sure that you have an active internet connection.


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What’s New In?

Markup Assistant:

Develop and improve your drawing designs efficiently with assistance, advice, and tips.

And much more!

AutoCAD has been the leader in vector graphics since 1987. This year’s release will be our most powerful and feature-rich version yet. AutoCAD is used by everyone from home hobbyists to large global corporations. AutoCAD has a loyal user base, and our team is listening to the needs of our users. AutoCAD 2023 offers many powerful new features.

Markup Import

Import Drafting Objects from Scanned Images:

Import the scanned document of your choice into AutoCAD. An online service is also available for expedited document import. (video: 3:27 min.)

Incorporate Scanned Documents into Your Drafting:

Your designs can be enhanced by images you scan or receive from others, such as paper drawings, sketches, and hand-written notes. Import scanned images into AutoCAD and add any of the content to your current drawings. (video: 3:47 min.)

The Import command can be used in three ways:

Basic: Just import an image without additional options

Basic Import: Import an image along with a file name and the following four options:

Auto-correction: Identify and fix misalignments

Layout: Set the import alignment

Autolevels: Include object boundaries on imported layers

The Basic Import options are the most commonly used. Drafts created in basic import mode can be opened in any drawing, imported into other drawings, and used to create layer masks. They are available only in the Drafting environment.

Basic Import can be used in the following ways:

Basic Import: Only import objects that are not selected

Specific Objects: Select only one or more objects, and include them in the import

All Select Objects: Select all objects in the document, and import them

Importing images is as easy as starting the Import command and selecting a file. Choose the Basic Import option and a folder in the drop-down list, and then browse to your file. A thumbnail of your image appears in the preview box. Select the image and the image is imported into your drawing.

Importing images is as easy as starting the Import command and selecting a file. Choose the Basic Import option and a folder in the drop-down list, and then browse to

System Requirements:

Requires 4GB of free space on your hard drive.
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later.
Also, the software is tested in Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.
If you’re using an older operating system, please be sure to check your system requirements before purchasing, as they may differ.
Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 64-


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