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Autodesk was founded by Thomas G. Ryan and George M. Cannon, and incorporated on January 7, 1981, with a focus on developing computerized drafting and design applications. Its first product was Design/Drafting (D/D), a software package for drafting and sketching that became one of the most popular applications of its time.


Autodesk develops and markets Autodesk Mechanical Design (AMD), a CAD package for the drafting and designing of mechanical parts. AMD is first introduced in July 1982 to the company’s first customer, Assignee, a fixture manufacturer, and immediately becomes the application that boosts Autodesk’s market share.


Autodesk expands its business by licensing the AMD design tools to other developers, making them available on new Apple II computers running the Autodesk Apparatus software.


Autodesk develops and markets AutoCAD, a computer-aided design (CAD) package for the drafting and designing of architectural and mechanical structures. It was first launched for the Apple II, then in 1985 available on the MS-DOS and on both the Apple and MS-DOS platforms.

Autodesk ceases operations of Design/Drafting (D/D) on July 31, 1985, and relaunches it as AutoCAD Extended Architectural Drafting System (AEDS).

Autodesk develops and markets AutoCAD for Windows, supporting both OEM and end user versions, and later PC-DOS.


Autodesk develops and markets AutoCAD Architectural Drafting and Designing System (ADDS), an add-on software package for AutoCAD.


Autodesk develops and markets the PC-DOS version of AutoCAD.


Autodesk develops and markets AutoCAD Graphical Layout (ACGL), an add-on software package for AutoCAD that supports assembly automation and time-saving workflows.


Autodesk develops and markets AutoCAD for Windows 3.1.


Autodesk develops and markets AutoCAD for

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2007 release
AutoCAD 2007 includes a new skin, called Skin Builder, and a Mac OS X version. AutoCAD 2007 includes ObjectARX that is a C++ class library supporting OLE automation, an API for writing.NET plugins for AutoCAD and a number of other features. AutoCAD 2007 is the first version to support 64-bit Windows. The new Windows version is called Windows NT. AutoCAD 2007 also now supports.XMDX files. AutoCAD 2007 support for 32-bit computers allows the operating system to be restricted to a 32-bit version. For example, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can all be restricted to 32-bit versions. It also supports 32-bit versions of AutoLISP and.NET languages.

AutoCAD 2007 also supports the new DXF 2.0 file format that enables the creation of very complex drawings using a binary-encoded format. The DXF 2.0 format, with its new keyword structure, supports unlimited BoundingBox information and allows for the creation of rectilinear CAD drawings. DXF 2.0 supports the use of the new virtual space which allows for complex layouts without the need for the use of grids. AutoCAD 2007 also includes a new capability in the DXF 2.0 file format called feature linking. Feature linking allows the creation of relationships between objects on a sheet without the need for specific coordinates. Feature linking allows for changes to parts of the sheet to update the entire drawing.

AutoCAD 2007 also includes an improved and more flexible context menu. The context menu includes commands for:
Authoring tools: Edit Point/Shape/Line/Polygon, Change Layer, Create Raster Image/Ortho/Mosaic
Analysis tools: Create Surface/Fill/Fill/Smooth, Create Bounding Box/Diameter, Create Surface Intersection/Intersect, Fit Curve
Drafting tools: Translate/Rotate/Scale/Shear/Invert, Erase/Freehand/Polyline, Add to/Delete from/Close Group
Interactive tools: Import/Export
Misc tools: Measure/Snap/Pan/Rotate
Open tools: Open/Close/Save/Save as
Options tools: View, Settings, Export
Plotting tools: Export/PDF/Print/PostScript/Printer, Plot options, Plot grid
Printing tools

AutoCAD 24.2 Activation Code [Mac/Win]

Run Autocad.

Click on File and open the.dwg file.

Open Autocad, go to the model and make changes as you want.

After you finish, click on Export to DWG.

If you like to use Sandcastle, please use this tutorial:
How to use Sandcastle

Sandcastle tutorial for Autocad R14

To run Sandcastle for Autocad R14:
Install Autodesk AutoCAD and activate it.

Run Autocad.

Click on File and open the.dwg file.

Open Autocad, go to the model and make changes as you want.

After you finish, click on Export to DWG.

In the dialog box, give the.dwg file a name and click on Export.


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What’s New in the?

Markups can be sent to a connected device or application with the click of a button using AutoCAD’s built-in FTP feature or Import FTP.

Annotation Commands:

Designed to enhance your drafting, editing, and review processes with dynamic annotation, editing, and comment features. When comments, drafting notes, or inline text-marking tools are added to drawings, they will be recognized and applied to the various views of the model, even when the model has not yet been fully rasterized or merged.

With the annotations preview feature, view the content of a drawing as an annotated model and perform tasks directly in the view without disturbing the original file. The annotations preview feature enables you to:

Create, edit, and delete annotations, as well as modify the formatting and position of annotations within the model.

Receive instant visual feedback as the annotations are moved, copied, and removed.

Replace the default raster images with live annotations.

Make the annotations visually prominent in the view, using different colors, bold type, and underlining.

Automatically hide annotations as you close the view to conserve file space.

Manipulate annotations directly in the drawing or task window.

Embed an image, text, hyperlink, or drawing from other applications into the model.

Use freeform annotation to draw freeform text, arrows, shapes, or lines within the drawing.

Use the symbols palette to add different symbols, as well as text and images for use with the Autopano, Transparency, and other applications.

Record creation commands for application files.

Manage and synchronize large numbers of annotations and comments.

Advanced Annotation Features

Create an unlimited number of annotations. Each new annotation has a unique ID number.

Organize and manage annotations through organizing views, tabs, windows, and other features of AutoCAD.

Annotate the same area of a model repeatedly, or annotate multiple areas in a model simultaneously.

Create annotations with the AutoCAD’s intuitive freeform text tools.

Save all annotations from one project or session to another. Annotations can be saved in both the linear and pattern layers.

Use the annotated views to review your work. All annotations will appear in all views and can be easily moved

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
Intel Core i3 CPU
64-bit DirectX 9.0c-compliant graphics card
64-bit Windows Vista 32-bit
DirectX 10
12 GB available space
Minimum 1024 x 768 display
Minimum 800 x 600 display (recommended)
Note: The game is for Windows 7 and Windows 8 only.
Also, PC Drivers are required for


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