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Generates a file checksum based on the hash-information of the file.
Check your documents in the same computer, take a file from any FTP server or share it over a network, and now check its integrity. VFHasher provides you with the right tool for that.

The application checks the integrity of files in the standard way: If the two values are equal, the file is healthy. Otherwise, the file has been modified or corrupted.
You can access VFHasher by downloading its binary archive. In addition, you should install the Unicode and ANSI version separately, depending on the version of Windows you use. VFHasher is compatible with all the latest Windows versions.
Hope you find it helpful and with best wishes for all your needs!


You can use a free tool named VF Hasher. There is a list of hashes available, you can check the hashes of a file. This is a simple utility, it doesn’t have any options and can not be controlled from the command line.
It is a good tool, but if you are on Linux, I suggest you use an online hash checker.
The online version of checksum is on and on WinMD5.


Sha1sum – checksumming utility from GNU/Linux and UNIX-like systems.


How to convert website HTML into text

I am trying to convert my website’s html into text. The website’s page consist of an image, some text and another image. I have generated a program that is able to get the text from the image but how can I get the text from the other images?


You can do the following to get the text from images in HTML:
public static string GetTextFromImage(string HTML, string pathToImage)
//Find the images in the HTML and store them in a List
List imgHtmlText = new List();

HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb web = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb();
web.UseOptions = false;

HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument doc = web.Load(pathTo

VFHasher Free

MD2 HMAC-MD2, 32 bytes, 16-byte key, 128-bit output size

ADLER HMAC-ADLER, 20 bytes, 32-byte key, 64-bit output size

CRC16 CRC-16, 16 bytes, 16-byte key, 8-byte output size

CRC16c CRC-16c, 16 bytes, 16-byte key, 32-byte output size

CRC32 CRC-32, 32 bytes, 32-byte key, 64-bit output size

CRC64 CRC-64, 64 bytes, 64-byte key, 128-bit output size

ELF32 ELF-32, 32 bytes, 32-byte key, 32-bit output size

FNV1a FNV-1a, 20 bytes, 128-bit output size

FNV1 FNV-1, 32 bytes, 64-bit output size

FNV FNV-64, 64 bytes, 128-bit output size


MD5 HMAC-MD5, 128 bytes, 128-bit output size

SHA1 SHA-1, 160 bytes, 128-bit output size

XUM32 X-um, 32 bytes, 64-bit output size

The utility also works with Unicode filenames. You have to specify the path to the file, since the library works on the basis of the current directory. You may as well use the provided methods or write your own check routine to call the algorithm with all the necessary options and process the results.
If you want to try it out, the VFHasher Torrent Download executable is downloadable from the project’s web site. The exe is only about 18Kb in size and doesn’t require installation, so you can test it right away.


Using the strings command:
strings filename

This displays the strings, where a string is a sequence of bytes terminated by a NUL character.


a very simple way to check if a file is tampered is to run it in a windows emulator (Virtual PC for instance) and compare the hashes between the native and the virtual system.
In a virtual system, you don’t have access to the console and the built in tool, so you have to check it manually with the checksum generator.
If you don’t want to do it in a


# vfhasher “path to the file” –algorithm hash-name –filesize len

The parameter of a file’s checksum will be the first argument, then, the hash algorithm to be used as the second one. The last parameter specifies the size of the file in bytes, which comes handy if you are dealing with binary data. In such a case, make sure to pass the maximum value of the variable, or your application will crash.
vfhasher “C:\path\to\file.txt” –md5 –filesize 834234

The length of a file will be the third parameter, which could be useful in some cases. This is how the command will look:

vfhasher “C:\path\to\file.txt” –md5 –filesize 834234

The result of a run will be displayed as a whole in the console, but the usage of the library also provides other options. If you have added the -d argument, the application will display the original file data as well. On the other hand, the -l, -v and -c options will turn on the debugging feature.
By combining the -l, -v and -c arguments, it is possible to trace the command’s execution, and see the values of the flags used.
So far, we have learned how to check a file’s hash and that VFHasher is a handy tool. If you happen to need to crack passwords or manipulate data files, this application can be an invaluable assistant. To conclude, the application is extremely simple and easy to use, so if you are having trouble with another checksum-related task, no problem.
For further information on using VFHasher, have a look at the official website. There, you will find the command reference, as well as some samples.


The solution which worked for me is an small application called shasum:
shasum -a md5 file.txt
-a – convert the checksum into hexadecimal form (MD5: aa1c40d6, SHA-1: 6ef97e4b).
-n – treat the file as a binary file and calculate the checksum as for a file.
-c – calculate the checksum in the hexadecimal form (MD5: 9

What’s New In?

You can download VFHasher from the project’s official website. The application is free and only requires Java 8+ and a web browser to run. For more information about its features, see the project’s page.
The application is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. At the time of this writing, there is no support for Android devices, but you can install the app for Linux and Android with a few steps.
Save the hash code
The VFHasher library and its console tool allows you to generate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes, but, as with other tools, it is easy to overlook that the application does not save them on the screen. Instead, it takes the necessary steps and creates an output file called hash.txt.
This hash file is a string that comprises the hash code for the selected file. To verify the file integrity, open the output file with a text editor and compare it with the file’s hash displayed in the console. In the case of a match, there is no doubt that the file has not been modified, while any modification will be reflected in the difference.
For instance, suppose that the hash generated is MD5=7a7c3f3ef1c3d9d89bc3b0bd91cfd64b and the modified version is MD5=1e3d9c3b2e734f3a63bc2b10d2fcfe9a. The hash is different, so you should assume that the file has been changed. Alternatively, you could store the hash code in a text file, which will help you to save the proper hash for the selected file.
VFHasher is a useful tool for any Java developer looking to check the integrity of the files in their projects, especially when working with hashes in the output of Java programs. Apart from the MD5 and SHA1 hashes supported, there are several other standard algorithms that you can check by including the respective method in the application’s configuration.
VFHasher is small and simple, and its straightforward interface makes it an excellent tool for anyone who needs to use or generate hashes.

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