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ImageHTML is a small software application developed specifically for helping you convert images to ASCII characters for representing them in HTML webpages. The tool is able to create ASCII art models with the aid of three color profiles, namely full color, grayscale, and mono.
No installation is required
You do not need to go through an installation process because the utility is portable. You may gain access to its interface by running the executable file. Plus, you can keep it stored on pen drives or other portable devices and carry it with you.
The program may also be opened without administrative privileges. It does not populate your Windows registry with extra entries and leave other configuration files behind so you may uninstall it via a simple deletion task.
Clean looks
ImageHTML reveals a straightforward layout that gathers all configuration settings into a single window. Although you cannot appeal to a help manual, you can decode the dedicated parameters on your own because they look easy to work with.
Images can be imported in the working environment using the built-in browse button (the drag-and-drop support is not implemented). The application works with several file formats, such as JPEG, BMP, ICO, and WMF.
ASCII conversion options
ImageHTML offers you the possibility to preview both the original image and processed photo in the main window. As soon as you add a picture from your personal collection in the main window, the utility is able to automatically offer a preview of the output HTML file for the color, grayscale, and mono mode.
Other notable tweaking parameters worth being mentioned enable you to set up the number of characters, configure sequence color/grayscale options, as well as alter the color map. The text can also be modified in terms of font, font style, size, and color.
When it comes to saving options, you may print the generated photo, export the image to HTML file format, and copy the picture to the clipboard so you can quickly transfer it into other programs.
The utility processes images quickly and reveals very good output results. It does not hamper the overall performance of the system.
Final remarks
All in all, ImageHTML comes bundled with handy and straightforward features for helping you generate ASCII characters and export data to HTML. It can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.







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The application is available as freeware, and has an easy to use GUI.
The software features five templates, they can be easily downloaded, and may be saved on your computer.
The tool has an easy to use GUI, you can control the editing process on your own.
It may be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Four photo editing tools are provided: rotate, cut, resize, and flip.
System requirements:
The software will run on the following Windows operating system:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
The software was tested using two editions of Windows 8.
The software was tested using one version of Mac OS X.
The user can click on the Download button above to download PRP-2 1.8 to their computer.
You can unzip the archive to extract the setup to any location, for example you can use the default directory.
This software has a freeware license and is available for evaluation only.
Download a free tech support pack from us here:

PRP-2 1.8
(1) Free
(2) Available for evaluation
(3) Tech Support Package
1. You agree to the GNU General Public License.
2. You agree to the licensing guidelines on PRP-2 1.8.
3. Please Download this support pack from us here:
Download description description tech support pack description
License.txt. Free available for evaluation Tech Support Pack
AVK Free Tech Support Package
1. You agree to the GNU General Public License.
2. You agree to the licensing guidelines on the Free Tech Support Package.
3. You agree to the GNU General Public License.
4. You agree to the licensing guidelines on the Free Tech Support Pack.
5. You agree to the GNU General Public License.
6. You agree to the licensing guidelines on the Free Tech Support Pack.
7. You agree to the GNU General Public License.
8. You agree to the licensing guidelines on the Free Tech Support Pack.
9. You agree to the GNU General Public License.
10. You agree to the licensing guidelines on the Free Tech Support Pack.
11. You agree to the GNU General Public

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-The Free version is a virtual “Brute Force” solution which simply run out a number of recorded audible and subliminal sounds through your speakers.
-The “Advanced” version is a “Mind Tools” solution, where recorded audios and subliminal are injected individually into pre-selected tracks of your choice.
Both versions can be used to run “Random Channels”, “Music By Numbers”, “Music By Theme”, “Drum By Keys”, and “Random Duration” tests (if you have pre-programed the program to use the chosen tracks for the requested samples).
The application is so well build that it can also run with the blinkenlights.
To activate the effects, you will need to purchase a license key.
The logo of the free version is simply a white “X” over a purple circle.
File Description:
The main Window is very well organized, with most of the space representing two columns, one for target strings, while the other for new strings. The “Tools” submenu includes all the needed settings for the process. The “Output” submenu includes the log file you can show, as well as save files to disc. Among the “Tools” settings you can define the “Span” of the noise: the larger the parameter, the smoother the sound will be (duration in seconds).
You can’t miss the “Tools” settings on the main window.
The “Align” setting handles alignments of your selected text in relation to the center. If you select “None”, the sound will cover the entire body of the text, this means in the end, the target text will be covered with the corresponding subliminal sound.
You can easily “Enter” and “Enter Text” to insert or change strings.
The main screen also shows the selected sample parameters:
-“Play” speed (0 to 120)
-“Volume” (0 to 40)
-“Random” (0 to 1)
-“Random Channels” or “Fixed Channels” (0 to 1)
-“Random Duration” or “Fixed Duration”


The particular test was conducted using the Windows 7 operating system with 2 GB of RAM and a single core running at 1.2 GHz. The tests were run on each program’s default settings and were repeated with a focus on the first three results.
We downloaded each application from the official website and installed them to a clean, new hard drive. Each test was run three times and the averages were taken into account.
The application was installed and we were ready to run the test. We used our own Internet connection to examine the performance of each application. We opted to save the test videos in order to evaluate the applications on multiple systems.
Each program had to be open when the tests were conducted, so it did not crash or freeze.
Since we tested each program’s default settings, the results may differ if more resources were available for the system.
To be able to compare the computer’s performance with the included software, we picked up a computer with similar specifications. We are certain this does not apply to the specific equipment represented in these tests.
AVG Application, tested and reviewed by Dennis Cooper
The object of the application is to provide a solution that helps you save your data in a safe and reliable way.
So, in order to accomplish this, the program is going to use different types of data storage methods (e.g. file system, registry, external data formats, and hardware devices), and it will also be able to save them using external utility programs.
AVG has a minimalistic and intuitive design, since it has plenty of tools and functionalities. In fact, when you start the program, you’re greeted with a small window, which asks you what types of files you want to save.
Upon selecting your desired data types, you are going to see a list of all the existing files, so you can select or deselect the ones you want to copy.
Next, AVG displays an information window, which displays detailed information about the data being saved. It is very useful for people that are confused or unsure what to save. It details the data size, date of creation, date of last modification, file type, number of file system permissions, user and group owners, as well as the last access time and owner name.
Once you have examined your data and decided to copy it, AVG enables you to create a backup copy for your selected data or simply launch the external utility program that is most appropriate for your specific needs. The program also offers the possibility to transfer the data

What’s New in the?

E Answer Sheet is a simple and intuitive application designed to test your knowledge of questions. It generates multiple choice questions with answers in the form of a sheet of paper. Your task is to answer the questions and pass the test. But there is more. The test is divided into two parts: sample questions and the main test. The questions in the test are given randomly.
There is also a settings option. You can change the questions per page or answer sheet count. You can also create your own answer sheets, and test your knowledge with it. However, the system allows you to create your own answersheet with the help of the answer sheet generator. You can create a test for your own purposes. The application is designed in such a way that it does not allow you to alter the generated sheet. This is the same for all the questions in the test. It is advisable to generate your own sheets after a sufficient amount of questions have been generated. However, you can also create and save your test as an answer file as well.
The test can be created in a number of ways. You can either take the questions in a CSV file or get it from a database. You can also take the questions from an URL if you wish. You can save your test after you have created it and viewed it. In case you do not want to create your own test you can choose to use a default test already created by us.
What is new in this version:
The following are the major changes in this version:
・Added View Definitions option in the File tab.
・Added View Options option in the File tab.
・Added a few more options to the Report Help/About box.
・Added the preview property for report-related options.
・Added a feature to refresh report options on demand.
・Added a few more unimportant bug fixes.
・Added an option to automatically delete the files in the bin folder.
・Added a workaround for smart quotes in the quote mark option.
・Added more information about “Will reopen reports after opening” for the
reports that were closed.
・Added an option to hide columns from grid reports.
・Fixed the bugs in the options page.
・Added a few more bugs that were being reported in the help forum.
・Updated the help file.
Clementime was created to be just a simple stopwatch application. It will enable you to track the amount of time you spend working on your projects or

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Windows 8
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 / 8
Processor: Intel Pentium D3200 @ 2.1GHz or equivalent
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 / ATI HD 2600 series
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 150 GB available space
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Controls: 2.0 GB Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Optional)
How to install:

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