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Google starts sending data about your web traffic to Google Analytics even if the JavaScript is disabled. This is done by sending a DNS query to the subdomain Now, instead of sending this DNS query, the script will redirect the user to a static HTML page which points to Google’s dedicated server (Proxied server).
This can be a security and privacy risk. The reason being that Google has no way to see what the user was doing on the website. So, for example, if a user was trying to surf the net and looking for the IP for the user’s local IP range, Google would have no way of knowing that.



This is the physics dept. The group owns a new non-contact particle detector and a new small inductive electric pump which are used in our physics studies.

LEAR is a member of the Nepean Particle Physics Collaboration based in New Zealand. The aim of the project is to survey the local pion and kaon spectra for particle physics applications.

All the physics that goes on in the group starts with the teaching of the physics lessons. The teaching is held on Thursday afternoons, at 4.30pm and 6.30pm in French, and Monday evenings, at 8.00pm and 9.00pm in English, which are now running on a weekly basis.

In the physics dept. the children are given lots of opportunities to participate in physics investigation.The inhibition of platelet-derived growth factor by thrombospondin

BlockGAnalyticsDNSQueries X64 [Latest-2022]

Blocks Google Analytics DNS traffic

Using Google Analytics is very simple. When Google Analytics is activated, a unique string of randomly generated alphanumeric characters, the dynamic tracking ID, is sent to your website. When users visit your website, they are identified with this code in order to measure your reach and determine your conversion rate.
With just one simple text file, you can easily identify and block your website’s DNS response from Google Analytics. Read more for details

Technical details:

Steps to install:

Download and extract the archive to a local directory (**NOT** the directory where Google Analytics is installed)
In the extracted zip folder, open the Notepad and replace the content of the following file:

C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\szxyvgwcd_l\szxyvgwcd.sqlite

For the demo purposes, the same file was created in another location on the same system.

Open and create an account. Go through the quick start process, please, note, that Google Analytics will send data to their servers regardless of whether you have enabled them or not. This file downloads the following data to the server:

1. Hostnames
2. Credentials
3. Analytics version

Despite the fact that this file is encrypted, its decryption and analysis is not actually prohibited. In addition, unlike other files from the extension, this file does not contain any malicious code. All it contains is the hosts file. And, the hosts file is not actually connected to Google Analytics. All the data it contains is simply downloaded to the server.

**The first edit has been done using the Windows package. However, the utility doesn’t use any 3rd party modules, it’s simply written in.NET framework.**



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“parabolic” vs. “diametric”


BlockGAnalyticsDNSQueries License Key Full Download X64 [2022]



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In this video I will tell you how to get a fully free SSL certificate for your website with a good performance and for free.
If you liked the video, you can give us a like and come to our page for more freebies!

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How to set up Ubuntu and SOCKS proxy server

In this video we will cover how to enable SOCKS proxy in Ubuntu. We will show you how to enable connection sharing to and from internet in Ubuntu. We will share our own experiences using proxy server with SOCKS and HTTP combined.
Have any problem with application not working in your Ubuntu? Want to move your network from Windows to Ubuntu? Want to have your own VPN?
Do not try to change your system settings. That definitely won’t work and it could even bricked your system and you will have to restore your PC with your backup. If you are looking for a recommendable and friendly way

What’s New in the BlockGAnalyticsDNSQueries?

1.Hosts: “,” “localhost,” “,” “::1”
a.Advertising Analytics

The application detects the traffic and matches them with the provided channels. After confirming the matches, the tool redirects users to the adblocker and adds a note to the hosts file in the background (for example, 2).
This feature needs to be installed before using it, since it works only with a few web browsers. The user interface offers three advanced features. These are: “restore all original IP addresses” and “restore all original domains” are for users who want to restore their browsing data completely. Moreover, “restore all original IP addresses” also restores Google Analytics parameters. The third option, “restore all original domains” restores the parameters of the website, as well as Google Analytics results.
Below is a small instruction video to show you how to set it up.

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System Requirements:

PCI, or USB, Keyboard.
Preferably 1024×768 Display.
128 Mb RAM.
AVX or SSE 2 CPU Support.
A simple Mac OS X steam client.
Command Prompt
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Run the Steam client from the Desktop with Administrator privileges.
Right click on the desktop.
Select New
Set the “Type” to “Link”
Set the “Name” to steam
Now that you have created the steam client open it and run the installer

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