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ClipCache Pro 1.1.3 Crack With License Code Free Download

The ClipCache Pro Crack Keygen program is an efficient and capable utility that lets you copy information from the clipboard. In case you want to save all your text in a single place and organize it in such a way that it would be easy to recall, this is exactly what you need.
Once the main screen is open, you are provided with a number of options including the most common ones like “New clip,” “Edit clip,” and “Select clip.” The “Edit clip” option is probably the most useful and might be all you need, while the “New clip” gives you a chance to create a new folder and name it.
In the following window that opens, you can select the source, type, and format of the contents you want to put in the clipboard. You can view the content in HTML, RTF, or plain text, add tags and styling to make it stand out, and set the size of the notes.
Once you have filled out the information for a new clip, just press “Add clip” and the clip is saved. When you open up the “New clips” folder, the details of each new file will be displayed, including the type, source, size, date, and the ID.
The program features an option to create, remove, and analyze folders, as well as customize the main elements. With the help of the customizable buttons, you can reveal the info and status bars as well as choose what you would like to see on the main window. You can also add your text notes, which will appear in the notes section of the system tray. The added features let you do all sorts of tasks, like viewing and editing files, perform various look-ups in the Internet, and bookmark them for the later use.
System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
1GHz Processor or faster
512 MB RAM
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768
Installing ClipCache PRO:
1. First, download and install it. The installation process is a one-time event and it does not need to be activated. The program will be available in the Start menu, and will remain there until you remove it.
2. After the installation is complete, simply run the application and start using it. It will add a small icon to the system tray, where all of its necessary features are located.
To remove the ClipCache PRO icon from the system tray, click on “Remove ClipCache PRO” from the Tray icon. This action will also remove the ClipCache

ClipCache Pro 1.1.3 Download 2022

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ClipCache Pro 1.1.3 With Serial Key

A reliable program that keeps an eye on your clipboard activity
Graphical interface with different tabs and views
Suitable for storing images, files, documents, HTML and more
Various shortcuts for quick access to files and folders
Find and prune folders and files with one click
Display and edit multiple files at once
Edit and apply different text properties
Write memos to bookmarks
Capture pictures and HTML text from the screen
Insert captions and blur characters
Profilcations system for organizing clipboard files
Add or remove dates for recording
Prune to a destination folder
Set destination folder path
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File size: 1.45 MB
ClipCache Pro

Waste of money.
Not as instructed or advertised.
Runs poorly on my system.
I paid for a trial version but it’s buggy and under powered.
I don’t waste money on unreliable programs.

I purchased ClipCache Pro to help me manage and store a variety of different types of data on my PC. I’m not a big fan of manual backup solutions. I have so much content on my system (3 TB) that backing it up is like trying to empty the ocean by using a shaker. Therefore I am always looking for a program that can help me keep an efficient and effective collection of my content. ClipCache is the perfect solution. The interface is intuitive. The storage space is ample. The text editor is very functional and the software is very competent. The software has a learning curve and I found that the software works best after some tweaking of the configuration. Due to the learning curve, I ended up abandoning the program after a few days.
The software has a desktop application, a web based management area, and a remote control application.
The desktop application sits in the tray and keeps an eye on your clipboard activity. It is very stable

What’s New in the?

ClipCache Pro is a comprehensive and accessible program designed to offer an efficient method of monitoring your clipboard activity and helps manage various saved clips. It sits silently in the system tray and keeps an eye on the all the actions that consist in copying and pasting text. It also automatically stores content so you can access them at any given time, and provides a folder tree structure for quicker organization. The program is wrapped in a well-organized and user-friendly interface divided into thee parts, namely the tree system, file list and text editor.
Set up a new database and start copying records When started for the first time, it lets you choose what you would like to do, create a new index in a default or custom folder, or open an existing one from the computer. Files are saved based on the original format, for example, for images you can save them as JPG, BMP, PNG or JPEG file type. Plus, the tool lets you view the content in rich text format and HTML, in case you want to embed it in your personal website, and once copied it’s displayed in the “New clips” folder, along with name, size, source, and date. Personalize the overall interface and format the content You can customize the layout by hiding the tool, find, status and info bars, add and remove specific buttons for a less cluttered view, as well as show notes with large or small icons. ClipCache Pro gives you the option to insert memos to a bookmark folder, assign a highlight color to each directory, and set the currently active folder. The word editor comes with a few handy functions, such as apply letters capitalization (upper, lower, invert cases), remove various spaces between characters, tabs, empty line breaks, along with strip HTML tags and different symbols cleanup. Other worth mentioning features are prune files and folders, delete the clipboard, enable image and text capture, and highlight customization. Conclusion The bottom line is that ClipCache Pro is a reliable and accessible program that comes in handy for those who want to store and manage multiple clipboard documents, images or HTML files in a tree structure, and create new notations with various purposes.

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System Requirements:

• MacOS 10.6.8 or later
• Intel Macs with 1 GB of RAM
• iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0.1 or later)
• iPod touch 5th generation (iOS 5.0.1 or later)
• iPad 2 (iOS 5.0.1 or later)
Supported device features:
• Display Audio: HDMI
• USB: Apple Lightning
• Apple Lightning
Please note that supporting Macs do not come with MacOS, and we’re not responsible for damages


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