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If you have ever tried to backup your Outlook PST file, you know that you have to close down Outlook before you can do this. Since I back up my network automatically at night, I got tired of trying to remember to shut Outlook down every night and wrote this little utility.
Just use the built-in Windows Task Scheduler utility (in XP: Start > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks) to run closeoutlook.exe just before your backup runs.
■ Outlook


Download ★★★★★

Download ★★★★★






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Opera is a commercial web browser and multi-platform plug-in-based tabbed browser. It is built on the same technology as Opera Mini, and uses the Opera Turbo engine.
It features a webkit based engine. This engine allows Opera to render web pages faster than most other browsers.
Key Points:
■ Supports multiple tabs.
■ Multi-platform. Operated on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.
■ Free with no costs, advertising or other additional fees.
■ Popup blocker and Security module.
■ Integrated bookmarks.
■ Keyboard shortcuts.
■ Free to download and use.
■ Built in taskbar and quick access to all important system functions.
■ Supports Adobe flash and Java.
How To Install and Use:
■ Please visit the website for details of how to download the operating system, plugin, and other updates.
■ Please allow 48 hours for the browser to be installed.
■ Please note that no external applications are allowed on the operating system.
■ Users are allowed only one instance of the application on each computer.
■ Please make sure that the ‘Disk Defragmenter’ application is installed or that the ‘Defrag’ option is enabled in windows, as this is used to defragment the free space on the partition.
■ Users are required to have a decent Internet connection while using the browser.
■ The installer is a simple.exe file, so there are no issues when downloaded.
■ Firefox is supported with Opera Multi-Platform.
What’s new since 5.5:
■ A new version of the software, since Opera 5.5.
■ Opera 11 has been released for Windows and Linux.
■ A new version of the software, since Opera 11.
■ Customizable and intelligent search box.
■ Automatic detection of predefined search strings.
■ Personal search and indexing.
■ Opera Bookmarks.
■ Various minor fixes and improvements.
■ Easier installation process.
■ Improved notifications for downloading.
■ The inbuilt auto-update feature.
■ Auto-update is detected automatically.

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Is it to escape from addictive games on your smartphone and tablet to save battery life? Then could it be the PS Vita application you are looking for?
The application will give you a progress report on the battery level and displays the percentage of time your device has been in idle mode.
It can create a log of every unplugged minute and displays the time of last charge when you were playing games.
The application is as friendly as it can get and has an easy to use interface which will inspire you to use it every day.
The application will not hang, crash or pop up error messages.
The application is well-supported by the Android operating system, since it requires no external programming to be loaded.
Customize the application
You can set the time interval in which the application will check the percentage of time since you last used your device.
Set an alarm and let Gooey wake you up when the battery runs out of juice.
The application also displays full-screen images of your battery usage per task.
Run other applications
It’s also possible to customize your application preferences. You can set the name, class and the icon of the application.
You can even set the lock screen wallpaper, and let the application be a user alternative to the Flashlight/Wake-up service.
If you want the application to behave as a standard Android application, Gooey Description can be switched on or off.
The application comes with a Japanese theme which makes the interface look more stylish.
The application is protected against malware and viruses by integration with the VirusTotal service.
Gooey Description works in the background and no extra resources need to be used to run it on your phone or tablet.

Are you constantly looking for ways to eliminate the mistakes you make while taking notes? Do you spend hours and hours taking classes in your classes and need a great way to remember everything you’re learning?
Here are a few tips for you and students everywhere!
What is the best way to take notes in class?

A lot of people are turning to digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to take and record notes for classes and lecture notes.
While there are many tools available to make recording and taking notes easier and more effective, few of them make the information they display easy to access, save and export.
The end result is that you spend a lot of time searching for information you already know you should be able to find.
How to set

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Gooey Description is a free network-transcoding tool that can be used on any Windows computer to convert any video or music file to Apple’s iTunes-compatible FLAC or WAV format.
Once the video or audio file you want to convert to a FLAC/WAV file format has been selected from the file browser, you are able to choose if you would like to use any of Gooey Description’s preset conversion settings or if you want to fine-tune the file’s conversion settings yourself.
Once you have selected the desired settings, click the “Convert” button and you will see a progress window display as Gooey Description begins to convert the selected video. When the conversion has finished, the Gooey Description window displays an “Export options” menu where you can choose if you want to store the converted video in your computer’s documents folder or if you would prefer to download it to your iTunes library or your iPod.
Not bad at all, but has some problems
Once the video is converted, Gooey Description allows you to export its settings as a HTML page.
As you can see, the interface is good, but its creator chose to favor the plain user interface over usability, as the settings buttons are located in the side area, but you have no way to directly choose them, for instance, by right-clicking.
Due to this, if you try to access the export settings page, you will have to scroll down from where you entered the page and from there, you can access the settings you need.
The program can also be used to convert audio into specific formats, but it does not provide an option for extracting MP3 from video files.
To conclude
Gooey Description is a great application that can transcribe video and audio files into multiple audio and video format with just a few clicks. However, the user interface does not favor usability over aesthetics, so in this case, the developer should have made the settings accessible right away.
MorrisWise is a cross-platform application that will convert video, text, audio and image files into a wide variety of format.
Catchy and easy to navigate interface
Before using the program, you must be aware that the application has been developed specifically for Windows, but it can still be used on Mac OS and Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu, OpenSuse or Mint, if you download and install the software called Wine.
Upon first launch, you will have to choose the program’s target

What’s New in the Gooey?

Help users convert media files, calculate sizes, perform different conversions, perform calculations, count files or folders, display their progress in a percentage, and more. The application also supports the assistance of various image and video formats such as FLV, GIF, JPG, BMP, WAV, and more.
It’s an easy to use, quick tool that can be used by anyone without having to master any complicated processes, which makes it a good tool for advanced power users and novice users alike.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a simple color picker with Visual Basic.NET.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine the colors of your choice to create the color palette.
Let’s get started!
Draw the GUI First
Open the designer, add a TextBox and change the size to (100, 25).
In the Properties window, go to the Text property and set the Text property to your choice.
Add some lines to the TextBox to grab user input.
Create the ColorPalette
In this part of the tutorial, we will create the ColorPalette control.
Create a new Class Library. Add a Form and a ColorPalette control to it.
Drag and drop the ColorPalette control in the designer.
Add the following code.
‘ Create the ColorPalette class
Public Class ColorPalette
Private _Items() As Color

Public Sub New()
_Items = New Color() {Color.Blue, Color.Green, Color.Red}
End Sub

System Requirements For Gooey:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit or higher
Processor: Intel Core i5-760 or AMD FX-8150
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 770 / Radeon R9 280 / AMD HD 7970, 2GB VRAM
DirectX: 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Gamepad support: XBox 360 or XBox One controller preferred. Gamepad support requires.Net Framework 4.6 (requires Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

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