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Mac OS X Style Icons [Mac/Win]

48×48 ICO Format
Move On:
46 icons
Clicking on the preview button below will generate a preview png file,
which will enable you to make sure you like this icon pack.
Made with Scratch Icons CC

Authors: Scratch Icons CC Team

Copyright (c) 2015 copyright Owner

Sweet 16 is a set of 12 Flat 16×16.ico logo icons, covering a range of different uses. 100% vector-based set, they look great on any desktop or website.
High quality icons with sharp edges!
Licensed under CC-BY 4.0

Stickies are a favourite and very handy way of showing your personality on your desktop. We have included 8 different styles of stickies in this icon set, each style is 16*16 and can be used in different sizes.
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Sticky Icons CC –

Sticky Icons are useful to draw attention to something. And we believe these Sticky Icons will do just that. 8 styles at 16*16 each!
Licensed under CC-BY 4.0

Free Weekend Countdown Calendar is a stunning iOS® Calendar App that will blow away your audience. With animated transitions, beautiful eye-candy graphics, and a neat scrolling function, this Calendar App takes an even nicer turn. You can set a daily countdown timer to a specific date, adjust the number of days to countdown, choose from 40 unique colors and set the time length. Also you can display a weekly, monthly, or yearly countdown, choose a daily alarm, set two-week or three-week alarm, change date formats or change week days and other time formats. The countdown timer and the alarm feature will be helpful for you to remind yourself of something important and to set reminder according to specific dates or time. It can also help you create your unique Countdown App.
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Mac OS X Style Icons Crack+ Free License Key Free Download

Includes 46 high-resolution icons in ICO format suitable for different Mac applications.
Use the images in your own applications.
Use them to create a Mac look in your own projects.
Feel free to use them for the purposes of your project,
but do not redistribute them, as they’re not meant to be distributed.
Mac OS X style icons Cracked Accounts License:
This icon pack is not meant for redistribution, use it on your own projects.
This icon pack can be used for personal purposes.

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Mac OS X Style Icons Keygen

*NEW* “Auto” CD & DVD disc creator!
*NEW* DVD to USB hard drive converter!
*NEW* Folder icon!
*FIX* NTFS filesystem support!
*FIX* Extended description support!
*FIX* CD/DVD disc icon!
*FIX* Icon rotation support!
*FIX* Icon dragging support!
*FIX* Auto-size icon support!
*FIX* Icon dragging support!
*FIX* Built with modern tools!
*FIX* Recycle bin in the “icons/new” folder!
*FIX* Recycle bin in the “icons/vista” folder!
*FIX* Recycle bin in the “icons/osx” folder!
*FIX* Recycle bin in the “icons/classic” folder!
*FIX* Recycle bin in the “icons/2000” folder!
*FIX* Recycle bin in the “icons/late” folder!
*FIX* Built with higher pixel rate!
*NEW* Icon sets!
*NEW* Compact mode!
*NEW* OSX (new) icon style!
*NEW* Retina display support!
The ZIP file contains 2 folders: “icons” with the main icons, and “icons/new” with the new icons (see the “New” section) and the.ico files.
You can place the folder where you want for a classic Mac like look!
This is a trial version!
You can fully use the icons for a limited time.
Once the trial expires, you can purchase this icon pack via in-app purchases in the “Store” of this app and the full license will be added to your device free of charge. 
For more information please see the full license under the “Help” menu in the app.
Mac OS X 10.4 and later
AppModo icon maker
Use AppModo icon maker to create a PNG file of any of these icons, and save it in the folder where you want to place the icons.
Next, open the “icon_pack” folder and drag the folder with the PNG files to your device’s SD card.
Note that the icon folder is compressed in the ZIP

What’s New In Mac OS X Style Icons?

✓A total of 46 well crafted icons
✓Textured “semi gloss” feel
✓High Pixel Rate (128×128)
✓Perfect for web interfaces and ready for any application
✓Easy to use and customize
✓Any MAC or PC compatible
Included in this set:
✓Reusable PNG format without the need of reflow
✓Full transparent backgrounds
✓True CMYK color
✓Transparent areas for the quick and easy edit
✓An automatic color corrector that makes sure your icons are always looking good
✓Optional sizes: small, medium, large and extra large
✓Version: 1.0
✓PDF and PNG formats included
If you are looking for a classy pack of icons, you have come to the right place. Enjoy!
More information:
Check our Instagram:
Download on Google Play:
Download on App Store:

Here is a pack of 24 well designed and crafted, iOS Style, icons which are perfect for adding some graphics to your next design project. This a a set of 24 icons which look great in images, documents and many more places. You can use these icons for your next project in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Keynote, Fireworks and any other graphic designing program. All the icons come in the formats of PNG and PDF. These icons will allow you to do many things with the design. Unlike the other icon packs, these icons look great in multiple sized icons, frames, logos and design elements.

An Android style pack of 400+ free Android icons in any size to help you create exciting apps and games.
Your browser does not support inline SVG. Unfortunately, inline SVGs are not currently supported in all browsers. Please use another browser, or try printing the page to get the icon.

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