Jd Planter Year By Serial Number

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Jd Planter Year By Serial Number


John Deere 1770 Planter Service Manual
John Deere Question about Serial Number (Cat. ) |
Thank you for asking this question. Today’s serial number plates will be on machines manufactured for the last year.


The planters will be pretty much the same from year to year, so if you see a 13-digit number, that’s what you are looking for. The manufacturer will apply any minor cosmetic changes/refinements (e.g., LED lights on better models) but most will be year-to-year reliable.
Most model numbers will be a combination of letters and numbers. I think all of the planters you mentioned have a “J” in them (JD), and then a number following that (e.g., JD17000).
From the catalogs I’m looking at, there doesn’t seem to be a serial number on planters with an “E” in them.

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Deere 1775 and Planters Serial Number Year Verification from EquipmentWatch.

This dates the planter to being serial number AO .

Known serial number patterns beginning with the last digit of a four-digit serial number are .
If serial numbers ended with a three digit number it was probably either .

The following variables can also affect serial number patterns .

The first letter is .
year more or less the configuration of the tractor as seen above is  .
made in .
the first letter is the last character of the original serial number.
years of production.

Note: The serial number does not appear on the mirror of the rear of the planter. The serial number of a JD planter can be found on the top of the angle iron frame, the side of the planter as seen from behind, or the side of the drive wheel. The serial number of a 1920s JD planter is stamped on the front of the planter. The serial number can also be found on other components of a JD planter, such as the main gate, the adjuster, or the tender.

Example serial numbers can include .

A year without a serial number is .


Owner manuals and instructional guides
Manuals are available online as PDFs for most models of JD tractors. These include JD87T, JD88T, JD89T, JD88, JD90, JD91T, JD92T, JD94, JD95, JD96, JD98T, JD99T, JD100, JD100T, JD101T, JD103T, JD104T, JD105T, JD106, JD108, JD110, JD111, JD112, JD113, JD114, JD115, JD116, JD117, JD118, JD120T, JD126, JD136, JD140, JD141, JD142, JD145, JD145T, JD159, JD160, JD161, JD164, JD166, JD168, JD169, JD173, JD174T, JD177, JD183, JD190, JD191, JD192, JD195, JD200, JD202, JD205, JD206, JD207, JD208, JD209, JD211, JD220, JD223, JD230, JD240T, JD248, JD250, JD256, JD264, JD

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