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Archicad 14 Crack 32 Bit Free Download

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How to write to string (pointer) values in a struct

I have a struct that looks like this:
struct test{
char name[10];
int age;

And a function that creates a bunch of random numbers:
void generate_random_number(struct test* user_struct){
int seed = time(NULL);
srand((unsigned int)seed);

int min, max;
min = 10;
max = 80;

for(int i = min; i age = rand()%100;

Now I want to write to the pointer value in the struct but I don’t know how. Also, how can I use memcpy() to convert this struct from char* to int*?

#define ARRAY_SIZE(array) (sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]))

struct test{
char name[10];
int age;


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