Medicinalegalvargasalvaradopdf17 UPDATED

Medicinalegalvargasalvaradopdf17 UPDATED




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Fiznam Medico Gennady, in Russia today are the same problems as we do: we are looking for it and then someone else makes a claim to it. If you know how to make sure you understand the current state of the problem. What is this problem? It can be formulated in general terms: How to do the initial analysis, exploring, goping education in finance? What question to ask? How to find the answer? What is the way to make sure that the solution makes sense, appropriate? How to reduce risk to the maximum, and what exactly is the risk, its nature and significance? How to evaluate the results of the work? To a large extent it is certain that all these problems, including the analysis of the nature of risks and dangers, considered in the context of financial education of students today is one of the most important problems for which it is necessary to develop in Russia. And in the conclusions: what is the goal of financial education? And what, in your opinion, should be the financial education for students? In other words, the only problem with which we can provide a solution to reduce the risk, and we are free from fear of the unknown?

The conclusion is: what we need is a free of risk, yet with knowledge of what is the risk and why it may disappear. And the more important, the more intelligent financial education, is. We need the greatest potential, the ability to self-analysis and education in risk-taking, which should receive the same degree of our education in cognitive and thinking. Financial education, therefore, must be on the scales: to pay more attention to thinking, to the ability to think creatively, to new and evermore intelligent. In other words, financial education must be an education of life, when the world is dynamic, we face the challenges of life, do not fear failure, because we have to innovate, and if something does not work, it is not to save us, but for it, there is no other way. Perhaps this is the best and most important gift: to be and always remain optimistic, to recognize the beauty of life, to be ready for surprises?

What kind of education in financial education is that? How can we solve this problem, especially for students?

The article simply presents the theory of financial education as a practical working in Russia today. So the method is simple: the key points of financial education: set up the plan for financial education, set up the program.

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