Founded by English language education experts, Bookland Publishing specializes in the publication and distribution of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials. Bookland Publishing’s main interest is to meet the needs of a growing demand for high-quality language teaching materials.

Bookland Publishing is the sole and exclusive business partner and distributor for UK-based Company Express Publishing, pioneer in innovative, interactive and digital English Language Teaching (ELT) curriculum, designed for all ages and levels. In 2014,

Bookland Publishing entered into a collaboration with UK-based International Language Teaching Services (ILTS), experts in the field of English language education, to publish a new series of primary stage textbooks.

In addition, Bookland Publishing is a proud partner of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), a global leader in Pre K-12 educational content and services. This partnership allows us to meet the needs of international American schools in Morocco that have placed their trust in our reliability and dependability.


Our Objectives

Provide easy, local access to high-quality English-language materials, including primary, secondary and higher level textbooks, testing materials, CDs and readers. Personal service and rapid delivery is guaranteed.

Position ourselves as a clearinghouse for schools and institutions nationwide, providing a forum for educational networking and the exchange of information, thereby building and strengthening ties between the educational leadership and teachers within the community.

Facilitate training opportunities for Moroccan teachers through collaborations with local institutions and the sponsoring of highly skilled experts in the field of English-language education.

Promote English at all educational levels, beginning with Pre-K, to help ensure that Morocco will be able to compete in the international world of business and commerce in years to come.

Supply a range of training materials targeting English for Special Purposes (ESP), thereby encouraging growth in the fields of global commerce, including banking, construction, technology and tourism.

Encourage academic success and scholarship through sponsorship of English Language contests and competitive English language events, at both local and national levels.


Provide rapid and ready access to almost any title requested by a school or training institution. Provide expert advice and assistance to schools requiring high-quality, age-appropriate materials in English and French.

Work with highly qualified educator-authors to bring you teacher-friendly, research-based English-language textbooks based on methodologies proven to be the most effective for language acquisition. We envision creating a cutting-edge English language curriculum, that could one day be adopted by public schools throughout Morocco.

Serve as mentors, operating at the forefront of Language Teaching professional development in Morocco. Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of English teacher training and certification, as Morocco works to raise its national educational standards in an increasingly competitive environment. We envision working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Education to grow our own leaders in the field of language education.